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I am in debt to my wonderful mum

As I held her hand as she swallowed her last breaths of life, I vowed to my fabulous mum Anita that every stitch I knitted I would dedicate to her. If it hadn't been for her patience, advice and tips I wouldn't be the knitwear designer I am today. When she was diagnosed with leukemia, I had just been asked to co-write Knitted Sock Sensations. She was so proud of me and the excitement of us talking about the various projects I'd include helped her to take her mind of the illness and the fact that it was terminal. 

It's such a shame she didn't see it in print and hold the final product in her hands but I know she's looking over my shoulder. While I'm knitting I can almost hear her whisper in my ear, "Don't ignore that mistake, rip it back." And I know she's right, I wouldn't be happy knowing I'd left missed stitch in a project. 

Her bravery at embracing the little time she had left, and her stubborness at not letting the big C take over life will forever be an inspiration to me. She fought hard, right to the  end and even though I've had my ups and downs in the past few years I promise to follow her example: to get up, dust myself off and come back even stronger!

Thank you mum, I love you and miss you every day!

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