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I've been published...

Time at last to blog

Dear Blog

I am so sorry that I have neglected you for so long. When I set you up I promised myself that I would write regular updates on my knitting exploits. Well it seems that time has escaped me and five months have passed. 

I've been busy though. In November I was approached by NPW (a lovely company based in London which makes some really funky gifts) to create a range of knitting kits. So with ideas in hand, I spent 2 months playing with yarn samples, charts, tension squares and patterns. I was also working on commissions for Simply Knitting – my Jumble Jelly knit and natter friends will remember the double blanket that went on forever, but was so worth the time I put into it. 

The final touches were made to my kit patterns over Christmas and with test knitting help from the fabulous Miss Elle and top proof-reading skills of lovely Rhian the patterns were ready. 

And here are the finished kits:

The bike saddle cover

The very patriotic tea cosy kit

The boot cuff kit - perfect for festivals

The cup cosy kit

As you'd expect I'm very happy with these kits which come with full instructions, yarn and needles. If anyone would like to know more about where to purchase these kits, please feel free to email me.

So you see lovely blog, I've not been slacking off and I promise to write again soon.

Lou x

Surprise Packages

Even though I'm 36, I still get excited when the postman knocks on the door to deliver a package that's too large to fit through the letter box. 
Sometimes it's one of my subscription magazines, or my complimentary copy of Simply Knitting that features one of my designs. Today though, was a package with the postmark of David & Charles book publishers. Inside was a copy of one of their latest releases: Make Me I'm Yours… Just for fun. Confused at this random act of gifting, I flicked through the pages and found two of my patterns: Ballerina Slippers and Simple Socks. I'd forgotten that they'd written to tell me they were re purposing a couple of my patterns from a book that I'd co-written with Simply Knitting's Kirstie McCleod: Knitted Sock Sensations
These two projects fitted in well with the rest of the content, and it's nice to know that some patterns I designed over five years ago, are still current today.

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